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Here are 23 e courses on creativity, leadership, TRIZ tools, communication skills including written English (grammar, style),other life-skills and OD. These include two comprehensive web workshops on 'How to become Creative' in self paced mode. On written English, there are two courses (Write Correct & Write Better), one for the basic user and other for the advanced user.

Most courses are on the guided facilitation tool format. Some courses are innovative adaptation of TRIZ, a Russian technique of systematic innovation. Designed as handy tools, they make it possible for everyone to use the extremely beneficial TRIZ techniques in daily life, without having to learn TRIZ. 

For each paid course, a time restricted free sampler is available, placed next to the course in the list below. Do  try out the sampler to get a feel of what the full paid course is all about.  For the two courses on written English,  a joint sampler has been made available so you get to see which of the two suits your needs better. 

For enrolling in the courses, you will have to create an account using the button on top right corner. After that, the samplers can be used without any charge up to the time limit. For the paid course, pay online and get immediate access. 

Available paid courses are listed below. 

We also design courses for specific needs of individuals and organisations. In that we generally use the flipped class adult approach. For more details of that, do look up the paper below - 'A better learning format for busy adults.'