SOLUTO - E solutions from Innovators & Leaders

We are on a mission here. It is to offer innovative ways for busy adults to learn, through formats that are far more effective than the traditional class-room one. We do this in two ways.

First, by way of full e-workshops which are a blend of self-paced learning (through digital material provided by trainer), then interaction on it through experiential exercises involving self and peers and finally, interaction with the trainer. The interaction with the trainer could be virtual, or even face-to-face. This format is suitable for customised e-workshops, in case you have in-house needs on any topic. 

Second, through completely self-paced learning where the learner is guided on a particular tool, step-by-step, through instructions unfolding on the screen. This is suitable for self growth learning by individuals. 

Here, we offer you courses in both formats. Topics are on Creativity, Leadership, TRIZ tools, Communication skills including written English (grammar, style) and OD. The full workshop format is available on Creativity. All others are of the guided facilitation tool format. A time restricted free sampler is available for each paid course. 

If our approach doesn't offer a way that is far better than just face-to-face learning, be a pal and let us know at

Below, find courses on different topics of creativity & innovation, TRIZ tools, leadership, communication skills including written English and Organisational Development.