Soluto - e learning solutions

Soluto - e learning solutions

Soluto is the e-store of Innovators & Leaders.

The learning packs in Soluto are highly interactive, self administered e-learning packages hosted through our own Learning Management System (LMS). After enrolling for a course, just log-in and use. Anytime, anywhere, any device. A great mix of tutorials, exercises, quizes and other resources.

We use a proven pedagogy that values discovery learning, deep interactivity and instant feedback. The learner chooses his own learning path. Further, each course has its own vibrant forum and wiki, where learners interact with peers to build further knowledge.

Presently, we offer programs on Good English. The program helps you improve English writing skills. It has three versions, each for different learner level. Details can be seen in the document 'WriteEasy - Versions and Details', placed below.

Don't take our word for it. Try the free sampler covering all three versions.

If you would prefer to have one such course developed for your specifc needs, let us know at