Course based on core tools of TRIZ.

Every activity results in some good results but also some bad ones. What if one could boost up whatever is good and reduce whatever is bad? Well, it is possible and here is a tool for doing just that. It will dramatically increase your benefits and reduce your pain areas.  Designed like an App.

Study of breakthrough products globally have revealed best practices that can be used proactively by all for their product/process.

Proactively seek benefits for your product/process and solve problems by applying 20 global best practices. These prctices also work as triggers for suggesting new opportunities of improvement.

Adapted from TRIZ.

Are you getting too hemmed in by the ‘present box’ and wish to do some ‘out of box thinking’? To think out of the box, you need to be able to zoom-in and zoom-out of box, at will, from various angles in terms of time and hierarchy. Here is a tool to do just that.
Adapted from TRIZ.

This tool helps you to move from a symptom to the problem(s) to a solution More than that, it offers solutions at various levels.  You may take up the solution that is appropriate to your level and position.

This is an adaptation of the popular 'Why-Why' tool and provides a step-by-step technique to move from what you see now ( symptom) to several HDWs (How Do We). Can also be used as an excellent trigger for brainstorming sessions.

Designed like an App.

This tool will help you resolve all possible problems which can be worded in either of these two ways - 

1. On the one hand I need something, while on the other I need its opposite. 

2. If I carry out a change the desired good can occur, but along with it some bad will occur too. 

An extremely useful technique for contradiction problems faced daily in management, R&D and above all, in our lives.  Adapted from TRIZ.