A course on essentials of writing English correctly, best suited for basic users.  

Here the emphasis is on correcting mistakes of grammar, punctuation and usage, that are normally committed by such users. The course does not aim to, per se, teaching grammar from scratch.

There is a comprehensive tutorial covering the gap between knowledge of grammar and its application. Also, there are several other resources and numerous exercises.

A free sampler course is available to look into this one. To access that, look up the course entitled  'Sampler' in this category, and get a good, free peep into this course.

A course for the advanced user of English - those who know grammar well and write grammatically correct but verbose, indirect and clichéd English. Emphasis on reducing verbosity and improving directness & clarity. Guidelines to write culture-free English and thus reduce burden on non-native English readers. In addition, adequate coverage of typical errors in grammar and usage, even by advanced users.

free sampler course is available to look into this one. Look up course entitled  'Sampler' in this category i.e. English language, to get a good peep into this course. 

This is a free sampler course designed to provide you a glimpse into our two premium courses on improving written English - WriteCorrect and WriteBetter. This sampler will help you decide which of the two will meet your requirement better. 

Basically, the Write Correct course is for the basic user, one who makes mistakes in grammar. That being the primary focus, it has a secondary focus on improving the readability of your English. On the other hand, the Write Better course, is designed for the more advanced user, one who normally does not make mistakes of grammar, but tends to write long-winded and somewhat ambiguous English. The secondary focus of this second course (Write Better) is on grammar. In addition to providing a free sample of the two course, this sampler also gives significant  opportunities for acquiring knowledge and practicing them online.

This course has 2 sections. Section 1 corresponds to the Write Correct course while Section 2 corresponds to the Write Better course.

You can self enrol for free. Details of self enrolment at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6NjrbngMa8

Modules on critical aspects of communication skills in oral as well as in written communication. It also empowers you to establish instant rapport. 

Free sampler for 20 minutes.

Modules on critical aspects of communication skills. Usually doable in one month.