These are stand alone e programs that include multimedia presentations, experiential activities, assessment exercises, reinforcement activities and more. When designed for specific clients, they acquire about 10 X more power since the interactivity is significantly more than when in the self paced learning mode. 

About This Course

 A course to empower you to generate multiple options on any possible issue. Fully interactive, multi media. 

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  • Specific techniques to generate multiple options from same input, change perspective to increase options even more, getting a more rounded perspective, solve problems etc.
  • The essential backgrounders necessary to make the above techniques work well for you.

For better understanding of this course, do look up its free sampler. 


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120 days



INR 980


This is a 40 minute free sampler for the workshop on 'Become creative in 6 weeks - Look beyond the obvious, counter mindsets and break out of the box. '