Courses relating to leadership and general management.

Topics from situational leadership, communication skills, decision making, getting work done, feedback skills etc.

Makes you better at your job - in context of your leadership and management roles in the organisation.

Also includes courses of self development for leaders e.g. communication skills etc.

While making a decision, do you find it difficult to decide between conflicting and changing criterion of satisfaction? Are you troubled that the decision making exercise leaves you more confused than confident? If so, this course is for you.

This comes under 'decision making under certainty'

In 'decision making under certainty' the uncertainty is not about the situation. it is about your own preferences, which seem to be always changing.

This tool provides an easy solution by imposing a temporary structure to intuitive thinking. Use it and you’ll never regret your decision. It is designed to be used as an App.

Unlike simple decision making, there are several scenarios where the situation itself is not clear. You must make a decision based on possible scenarios rather than a fixed one. This is decision making in a fog.
Game theory provides specific techniques for 5 typical situations. These give you the best chance even in an uncertain environment.
Simple, step-by-step adaptation of techniques of Game Theory, for use by decision makers in a competitive scenario. Designed as an App.