Weekly outline

  • Week 1 - Introduction and Set up PLE

    This is a web workshop on 'How to become more creative', intended for everyone. Yes, for everyone. It is a lifeskill, so is for everyone. This will empower you such that you never get stuck for options in any field, but be able to consciously generate several solutions, some of them eye-openers.

    As a bonus, this will also introduce you to the concept of  SRL (Self Regulated Learning) and offer you a chance to develop your own customized pages on our PLE (Personal Learning Environment).

    Is set up in weekly modules. This is module 1, for week 1.

  • Week 2 - Get the foundation right before you start building

    Restricted Not available unless:
    • The activity Video 1 - How to become more creative is marked complete
    • The activity Learners' forum is marked complete

    As you will see ahead, creativity is mostly a game of mindset. How you think in a situation is significantly affected by what you believe in. It is, therefore, imperative that your mindset about creativity itself is corrected before you plunge fully in the course. 

    This module will help you develop the correct mindset towards creativity.

  • Week 3- Learn to see 'Beyond the obvious'; Create new reality

    Restricted Not available unless any of:
    • You achieve a required score in Assimilation assessment Ex 1
    • The activity Video 3. The auto-correct of the brain. Here is marked complete

    Don't get stuck in the 'obvious'. Seek new realities around the 'obvious'.

  • Week 4 - Counter mindsets; Question success

    Restricted Not available unless: The activity Tools 1 to 6. Six ways to re-state anything is marked complete

    Success is good, but don't get blinded by it. In the past, you succeeded by doing things in a certain way. As a result, you made that ' a certain way' a rule to be always followed. The mind gets 'set' for that type of situation, creating a mindset.

    Well, the situation may not really be the same this time. In fact, no two situations are ever the same.

    Learn how to deal with a case on its merits, rather than how you successfully dealt with 'similar' cases in the past.

  • Week 5 - Break out of the box; Defeat functional fixedness

    Restricted Not available unless:
    • The activity Tool 8 - The 9 box tool for perspective widening is marked complete
    • The activity Experiential activity 4 is marked complete

    Stop seeing things only in their 'normal role'. Their functions are not fixed; you can use them in many ways.

    Break out of the box.

  • Week 6 - Close it up

    Restricted Not available unless: The activity Tool 9-11 - three tools on creating new by merger is marked complete

    Learn two more tools. Put it all together. Create and review your action plan.