Topic outline

  • C1 - Increase Benefit: Decrease harm

    This is a technique from BPR ( Business Process Reengineering). It allows you to take up any situation or process and increase its benefits and decrease or maybe even completely remove the harm it brings.

    You'll be reading the methodology ( and two illustrations). Thereafter, you are to complete an exercise, to help you develop your understanding of the methodology. We've provide two exercises, Exercise 1 and Exercise 2. You are to take up ANY of the two given exercises.

  • C2 - Situational Leadership

    This module will establish how a leader should customize his leadership style to suit the situation of the follower, rather than use one particular style for followers at different levels of development.

  • Creativity

  • C5 - Rational Problem Solving - KT Approach

    • C6- Decision Making

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