WriteEasy - Versions and Details

WriteEasy is a self-administered, SaaS type, e-learning package from Innovators & Leaders.  It has 3 versions. The first two aim at distinct user segments. The third is a combination of the other two.


WriteEasy Advanced

WriteEasy Essentials

Expected entry level of user

Good / Average command over written English.

Average/Poor  command over written English.

Primary content

-How to reduce verbosity & complexity and improve clarity in writing.

-How to reduce burden on the reader so that even non-native users of English understand the communication fully.

How to avoid errors of grammar and usage, as normally committed by such users.

Secondary content

Correction of errors in grammar and usage, as committed even by advanced users.

How to improve sentence structure


Learn by practising assorted exercises and quizzes. In the exercises, the solution is not bared immediately but only after providing a hint towards it. In most cases, this facilitates self-learning. If the doubt still persists, lookup accompanying tutorial and other resources.

The level of exercises and quizzes suit an advanced user.

Strengthen the basics first by going through the detailed tutorial. Thereafter, attempt exercises on each chapter of tutorial. Only then attempt the assorted exercises and quizzes.

The level of exercises and quizzes suit the basic user.

Detailed list of content

-          Quiz to improve conciseness etc – 130 sentences

-          Quiz for punctuation – 35 sentences & passages

-          Quiz on avoiding errors of usage – 120 question

-     QUIZ to practise changing sentence structure - 33 sentences

-          Tutorial on techniques to improve brevity and clarity

-          Resource on making easy to read sentences

-          Punctuation guide

-          Spellings guide

-          Quiz on all errors related to basic grammar -  150 sentences

-          Quiz on avoiding errors of usage – 70 sentences

-          Quiz on punctuation – 31 sentences & passages

-          Detailed tutorial on each part of speech, punctuation, types of sentences and sentence transformation, direct & indirect speech etc

-          A resource on Indianisms in English

-          Punctuation guide

-          Spellings guide

Target  users

Managers,  those who write for a global audience, blog and article writers etc.

Junior executives, students, those appearing for competitive exams, housewives, technical people, HR dept personnel  looking for  a test to benchmark English standard of applicants etc.


WriteEasy Combined version combines both these version. Useful for most users, since there can never be a clear dividing line between the advanced user and the basic user. Also, the situation in which you write can never be predicted. Buy the WriteEasy All version and get substantial benefits over buying two separate versions.


Coverage of courses

  • WriteEasy Advanced –
    • How to reduce verbosity and unnecessary complexity in writing.
    • How to improve clarity in sentences.
    • How to make easy to understand passages.
    • How to improve variety of sentences in writing.
    • How to avoid errors of confusion between words that sound/spell similar but mean different.
    • How to avoid errors of usage, punctuation and grammar that even advanced users occasionally commit.
  • WriteEasy Essential
    • How to spot and avoid errors of grammar and usage.
    • How to avoid errors between words that sound/spell similar but mean different.
    • How to improve punctuation.
    • How to improve spellings.
    • How to avoid ‘Indianisms’.
  • WriteEasy Combined - A combination versions. All sections of the other two are present here, with their independant status retained.

Main features of the courses

  • Web enabled course. No downloading required. Just log-in and access the course. Anytime, anywhere, any device. Learn at your convenience, in privacy.
  • Degree of difficulty and instructional strategy carefully calibrated to needs of anticipated user. In the advanced course, you learn mostly by doing and then look up resources, if necessary. In the Essentials course, you first brush up knowledge and then practise it.
  • Learning path not linear, but to be chosen by learner.
  • Hosted through our own LMS ( Learning Management System ), hence all records e.g. scoring etc, always available to user.
  • Each course has following -
    • Tutorial
    • Exercises
    • Other resources
  • Course design and technology ensures highest possible interactivity and deep engagement.
  • Each course has a vibrant forum and wiki where users interact with peers and build further knowledge for others. This feature ensures that new knowledge is constantly added to the course.
  • Use as many times as necessary, within 90 days. 
  • Detailed free sampler covering all three versions.
  • A 'No questions asked' refund policy, if initiated within 48 hours.
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