Self enrol for the Intro course on English

  1. Being a user of this CommunicateWell course, you are already registered on So, you already have a username and password.
  2. Use the same to self enrol for the ‘Free Sampler’. Once you are logged, got to 'site home' from the navigation panel on the left. This will take you to Here, click on the 'Free Sampler'. It will allow you to 'self-enrol'. If you need help, see video on self enrolment here.
  3. Go through the tutorials and exercises of this sampler. Since it is a sampler, the tutorials and exercises are restricted, in relation to what is available on the full courses. However, even this restricted material will serve your limited purpose for the Communication Skills program.
  4. This will emphasize on the importance of grammar, as also of measures necessary to reduce ambiguity in writing. This will create the right foundation for you to proceed with the other 7 modules of this course.
  5. Do keep in mind that you’ll be able to access the sampler for only 7 days.
Last modified: Friday, 1 August 2014, 12:20 PM